Sylvart, reconnect with nature

Discover our immersive approach for groups, classes, and businesses.

Offer your team, class, community, or company a breath of fresh air with our « Sylvart » service. Our unique approach is the result of the meeting between Perrine and Emilie, two enthusiasts who have combined their expertise to offer you an immersive experience of reconnecting with nature through a series of inspiring workshops.

At the heart of this initiative is the desire to rediscover our essential connection with nature by using the body as a vehicle for connection. Perrine, a specialist in sylvotherapy, and Emilie, an expert in danse-voltige, have combined their skills to create an innovative approach that invites you to explore and express your creativity in a natural environment.

During a guided journey, the rope become a Ariadne’s thread, leading us on a sensory path where we open ourselves to ourselves, to others, to art, and to nature.

« Sylvart » is a unique method. It allows us to harmonize with the soothing vibrations of nature, improves concentration, unleashes creativity, all while strengthening self-esteem.

You will also learn to fully experience your emotions while developing a deep respect for yourself, others, and the environment around us.

Our « Sylvart » workshops are adapted to various contexts, whether in the school environment, in companies, in leisure centers, or for any type of group from 7 years old, with no age limit. Offer your team, class, community, or company an enriching experience that promotes exchange, awareness of positive behavior, and authentic connection with nature.

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