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Events :

Explore our on-site creations, a unique opportunity to add an artistic and original touch to your event.

Haut de là Company offers choreographies specially designed to adapt to your venue and occasion.

Commission an original piece dedicated to your site and event, and let us create a unique choreography inspired by the architectural or natural setting of your location. Treat your guests to an unforgettable artistic experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Our Creations :

Description: « Essence Ciel » In this performance, we invite the audience to contemplate what is truly important. Through the grace of movement, we offer a moment to observe lightness, beauty, and nature, allowing each individual to reconnect with their deep essence.

At a time when we are questioned about what is « essential. »
In these times where we are expected to be efficient, productive, useful…
Yet, a question arises:
« What is truly important to me? What is our essence? »
We offer you a moment to observe lightness, beauty, nature.
Just a moment to reconnect with the essence of our being. Just a moment for oneself.

Description: « Hors Sol » is an intense and captivating duo. By exploring the relationship between man and nature, this performance highlights each individual’s ability to rise above the constraints of daily life. With poetic choreography and aerial movements, « Hors Sol » transports you to a world where dreams come to life and limits seem nonexistent.

A tree. There. Rooted in the earth, stretching its branches towards the sky. Motionless or almost. Beneath the seemingly impassive bark, life boils, the desire for elsewhere, for « something else. »

Who would have believed that I could dance?

Achieving the improbable, giving feet to my roots, growing a body there, choosing to move forward, finally feeling the emotion.

Off the ground, dance comes alive, glides, and flies in this almost sky.

Who has never dreamed of another ground, another truth?

A tree can dance, a dancer can fly… And you?

Description: « Cent Fils » takes us on an emotional journey through the invisible threads that connect us to one another. By exploring the quest for identity and connection, this stunning performance reveals the complexity of human relationships. Through moving and captivating choreography, « Cent Fils » invites us to reflect on the profound meaning of the bonds that unite us.

What is this thread that binds beings together?

This link that connects us to the mother, to the other, to the Whole.

Invisible, yet real, it cannot cease to be.

So if this thread exists, why do we sometimes feel isolated or even separated?

Alone in the multitude, we constantly weave physical or virtual connections.

Without a thread, all it takes is to connect. The other is not any less present, and it will always take a hundred threads to truly know them.

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