Haut de là Company

A reference in vertical dance and danse-voltige in France.

Dive into a unique artistic experience with Haut de là Company!

Specializing in danse-voltige (vertical dance and danse-voltige), the company draws its inspiration from contemporary dance.

We offer you an unparalleled experience. With over 17 years of experience, Emilie Martinez embodies the excellence of this captivating art, inviting you to explore a universe where movement defies gravity with elegance, grace, and audacity. Nestled in the heart of Allier, a land of inspiration and creativity, Haut de là Company opens its doors in Jaligny, offering an incomparable learning and sharing space. Within our association, students are encouraged to explore the subtleties of danse-voltige, to refine their technique, and to express their creativity under the expert direction of Emilie and Perrine. Moreover, they have the opportunity to participate in immersive shows, where each movement becomes an invitation to journey between sky and earth.

Haut de là Company performs aerial shows in France and abroad, from its repertoire or tailor-made. You can contact us for your public events, corporate events, or community events, for a rare and unique experience you will remember. You can also find Perrine Sentis and Emilie Martinez during a Sylvart journey, a unique art created by the company. Let’s write together the next chapter of this artistic adventure.

« Don’t miss the exceptional opportunity to explore the enchanting world of vertical dance at the Aurillac Festival, a benchmark in the field of street art. Haut de là Company will illuminate the 2024 edition of this iconic event. It’s an opportunity not to be missed to witness unique performances at the heart of this renowned artistic gathering. »



Discover the fascinating story of Perrine, an aerial artist who found her path through her encounter with Emilie. Captivated by the magic of the rope, Perrine dared to dream of a future as a dancer.

After years of training with Emilie, she realizes her dream and now performs in the creations of the Haut de Là Company.

She also passionately shares her knowledge with students in Jaligny sur Besbres by teaching danse-voltige classes at the school. Perrine has always been connected with nature, and she has embarked on the path of sylvotherapy, where she finds her place and thrives.

Convinced of the deep connection between trees and well-being, Perrine has developed with Emilie the innovative idea of Sylvart, a unique approach combining nature, creativity, and sensory awakening. An extraordinary adventure where the connection with nature guides every step.


Discover the exceptional journey of Emilie, a passionate dance artist who followed a classical path in professional schools. After being hired as a contemporary dancer by the Yun Chane Company in Réunion Island, Emilie had an encounter that changed her life: vertical dance.

It was love at first sight. Immersing herself completely in this art, she then trained under Olivier Farge, the creator of danse-voltige. Through three years of intense training and endless exploration of suspended body expression, she became an iconic figure in this discipline.

She has performed with the greatest vertical dance companies in France, proudly representing the country in captivating shows around the world. After enriching her experience as a vertical dancer with the « les Passagers » and « Retouramont » companies, she decided to found her own company, « Haut de Là, » and to open an danse-voltige School in Jaligny-sur-Besbre, in the heart of Allier.

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